Improve your listening skills

Here are some websites which can help you to improve listening:

  • Conversations with comprehension tasks can be found at
  • Practice note taking by listening to this conversation using these comprehension questions as guidelines:

1) What did the woman receive as a gift?

2) What kind of gift was it?

3) Why does she not want it?

4) Why can't she get her money back?

5) What can she do with it?

6) What would she like?

7) What kid of handbag would she like?

8) What kind of handbag was she looking for?

9) Where is the handbag that she likes?

10) What is the problem with the handbag she likes?

11) What can she have instead of a refund?

12) Who would she like to speak to?

13) What does the man think the manager will say?

14) Where has the manager been?

  • Videos, transcripts and exercises from news stories at CNN can be found here.
  • is a great resource for short listenings and videos.
  • Practice listening comprehension and note-taking at uefap.
  • Eviews consists of interviews with comprehension exercises.

  • The Flatmates his a four part story from the BBC. With vocabulary aids, test questions (including listening comprehension) and grammar exercises.

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