Improve your Speaking 10: Sequencing arguments

Presenting a number of arguments

First of all, Britain is unique in its transport history.

Firstly, what do you do about miscarriages of justice?

Well, firstly I’m an agnostic - I don’t know whether or not God exists....

Well, firstly we need to take an interest in developing countries instead of just competing with rich countries.

To begin with,
most women and men want the right to work.

I’d start by rationing petrol to cut out unnecessary car journeys.

For a start, it would have to be a mixed school and not a boarding establishment.

There’re two points here. Firstly, the cost to the environment. Think of all the rain forests. Secondly, the advertiser may pay, but the costs are passed on to the consumer.

There are two problems here. Some of these homes are a long way from bus routes. Moreover, bus services can disappear altogether when the tourist season comes to an end.

.... the economic strength of Japan hasn’t led to much teaching of Japanese. You also have to consider the vast size of the knowledge base available to English speakers - academic research, scientific reports and an infinite number of books and periodicals.

Also, the very act of hosting the World Cup or the Olympics gives a great boost to tourism....

Again, that depends on the alternatives. I prefer the comprehensive system, but I wouldn’t want my child to be in mixed ability classes for all subjects.

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