Improve your Speaking 7: Solutions & Alternatives

Expressing Solutions and Alternatives

  • The solution is to compel all employers to pay a minimum wage. Then you will increase the incentive to work...
  • The best way to prevent crime is to convince the people who commit it that they are going to be caught.
  • To remove crime from society, you really have to tackle it’s causes.
  • There are many choices. You can travel north to see the midnight sun... You can take the night train to Copenhagen... You can take the ferry east to Finland or take the seven hour train journey across the country to Gothenburg.
  • As for the young woman, she may have a lot in common with the old man; Alternatively, she may be interested in his money.
  • Well, when they reach the age of fifteen, they reject the songs of their childhood. Instead, they are into pop or rock songs which will be forgotten within weeks.
  • You see, the alternative is to buy food on the world market. We all know that when demand rises, so does the price.

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